As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the unique mental health challenges that LGBTQIA+ kids face. Unfortunately, many families don’t know how to talk about these issues, or even how to recognize them.

EP 87 – Protecting The Mental Health of LGBTQIA+ Kids with Heather Hester

Even kids can regulate big emotions and recalibrate their brains with simple EFT techniques. Dimple Arora is here today to tell us how we can teach our kids to manage their emotions and also more

EP 86- Help Kids Unpack Their Emotional Backpack with Dimple Arora

The surprising thing that today’s guest discovered is that kids thrive when they learn how to sew! Teaching kids how to sew helps with focus and concentration, self-esteem…and a sense of pride in creating something

EP 85 – Why Kids Need This One “Old-Fashioned” Skill with Trixi Symonds

Everyone has an opinion about how you should be parenting your child, but who knows them better than you? If traditional parenting advice just isn’t working for you, Sue DeCaro is here to share how

EP 84- From Chaos To Joyful Parenting in 15 Minutes a Day with Sue DeCaro

It’s essential to empower your kids to make their own decisions, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely let go of control. You can give them a safety net while also giving enough space

EP 83- Empower Your Kids Without Losing Control with Pan Vera