Parents, college planning is not just about picking a good school, choosing a course and then forcing your child into it. It’s about helping your child figure out their core values, their gifts and their

EP 105 – Getting Your Kids College Ready with Shellee Howard

Death and loss is inevitable. As soon as our kids are old enough to love, to have an attachment to something or someone, they will grieve and mourn for those losses. When is the best

EP 104 – Why Must You Teach Your Child About Grief And Loss with Shirley Thiessen

Because of the negativities that are happening in our society including bullying, raising a kid with confidence and self-esteem is very challenging, but it shouldn’t be overlooked – it’s where our kids start to explode

EP 103 – Teaching Self-Esteem and Confidence To Kids Through Martial Arts with Raja Vaidya

Kids are such spiritual beings. They have the gifts within that may not yet be discovered. How can we help our kids discover their gifts, connect to their inner wisdom and master their personal power

EP 102 – Helping Children Discover Their Gifts: Their Inner Wisdom and Personal Power with Eva Goulette

Moms usually make themselves last, and sometimes take off themselves from their to-do list. How can you give your kids your all, if you don’t have the energy, if you always make yourself last? Moms,

EP 101 – Stop Being The Last One On Your List Moms with Tiffiny Roper