EP 80 – What To Do If A Bully Targets Your Kid with Jason Cronan 

 June 6, 2022

By  The Blissful Parent

For as long as bullying has existed, parents have struggled to know how to handle it. If a bully starts targeting your child is it better to tell your child to ignore it? Or fight back? How much should you step in?

The question of what to do about bullies has become more and more pressing as the results of bullying become more and more severe. And children today have little escape once they are targeted. With the Internet and social media, bullying follows them home in many cases.

There are no easy answers, but Jason Cronan has researched and worked in anti-bullying, coping with anxiety, and finding balance. Listen in today for guidance in what to do if a bully targets your child.

Jason Cronan achieved a Masters degree in Exercise Science from East Stroudsburg University of PA. He owned and operated a wellness center in East Stroudsburg, PA called Four Corners Health & Fitness for 9.5 years. In the last 18 years he has personal coached over 1000 clients. He specializes in corporate wellness, kid fitness, weight loss, special needs adapted fitness, sport training, nutrition coaching, self-defense and kickboxing. He is writing a book called “The Silent Enemy – Finding Balance From Within.” He is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a certified Exercise Physiologist, certificated Nutrition Specialist and certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. On the side Jason’s certifies individuals and companies in CPR/AED & First Aid.

He has been part of the Mount Juliet Toastmasters club for 3.5 years. Where enjoys competing in public speaking. He is a keynote speaker on topics such as anti-bullying, coping with anxiety, finding balance from within and avoid the burnout in the workplace.He relocated 8.5 years ago to Nashville and resides in Mount Juliet Tennessee. He developed a mobile personal training company called BodyXpress Wellness Solutions. BodyXpress Wellness Solutions. Presently the company has rebranded to represent the new specialized wellness offerings both online and on location.

His Podcast “Wellness On The Go” features professionals that focus on one or more of the eight dimensions of wellness. The show also entails fast easy healthy meals on the go and closes with a wellness/fitness tip that will enhance your life.

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