EP 112 – Stressless Education with Russ Hanush 

 December 29, 2022

By  The Blissful Parent

Supporting the kids in getting to school is one of the parents’ struggles. “How am I going to support my kids, when I am not very good at it myself?” – some parents ask. Are you having a hard time teaching your kids? You may want to consider getting a tutor for your kids. It will surely take off the pressure.

Our guest expert, Russ Hanush is the founder of STEM Academics and Physics Phor Phun Tutoring. He has built a system and a process to make education less stressful to the children and to the families out there. This episode will help you find the right tutor for your kids to help them get into stressless education. 

“Get that tutor in there before there’s a problem. A tutor should be part of your educational team. Education is a holistic process. The classes tend to build on themselves, as we go through the grade school levels we’re learning our fundamentals. If you don’t have a strong basis in your fundamentals at that point, then you start struggling with the next piece of material they’re teaching.” – Russ Hanush

About our Guest:

Russ Hanush is the founder of STEM Academics and Physics Phor Phun Tutoring. He’s been tutoring high-school and college math and science for over 15 years; online, on-site, and in-home. He served for almost two decades at America’s national laboratories in Livermore, CA, working in nuclear physics for the Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation program (AVLIS) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and in chemical kinetics at Sandia National Laboratory’s Combustion Research Facility. He is also the inventor of The Periodic Table of Dimensions.

In 2006 he opened Physics Phor Phun Tutoring, which eventually grew into STEM Academics. He’s dedicated his business to helping families prepare their students for college. By bringing his real-world STEM expertise to teaching he has helped hundreds of families and students achieve their dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, veterinarians and horse breeders, professional athletes (including major league baseball starting pitcher Spencer Howard, and NFL tight end Josh Oliver), and even a world famous DJ, Max Styler.

Website: https://physicsphorphun.com/

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