EP 107 – Raising Kids Without Raising your Voice with Rachel Duffy 

 December 12, 2022

By  The Blissful Parent

Every parent wants a deep connection with their children while guiding them through life. But sometimes we felt like we can’t get that connection, it seems like kids aren’t listening. We try to bottle up everything, then suddenly we explode, we yell, we feel guilty. If we’re not yelling, how can we get our kids to listen? 

This episode is worth listening to. Yelling is one of the most common dilemmas of parents in raising children.  What are the consequences of yelling? What are we actually reinforcing when we raise our voice to our kids? Is it possible to raise a child without raising your voice? What is really happening when parents use positive and negative reinforcement? Michelle and our guest, Rachel Duffy will dive into these questions, and will help you break the cycle of the traditional model of parenting. 

“When we yell when our children are in a meltdown, our nervous system is in what is called a ‘Dysregulated State’..Our nervous system flipped the switch to say something dangerous is happening right now. And the only behaviors available in that state are fight, flight, freeze fun. So when we explode on our kids, or when our kids explode, that means we are in a fight state. It’s a dysregulated state. To get out of it, yelling is not going to get you out of it.” – Rachel Duffy

About our Guest:

Rachel helps fix every relationship in your family. She works with parents to help them raise kids without bribing, constantly rewarding or yelling, threatening or ending the day feeling guilty so you can finally build deep connection, harmony and find ease in your family life.

She is both a Trauma Informed Coach and a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, with a JD in Family Law & Mediation. With over 2 decades of combined experience as a Family Lawyer and Parenting Coach, Rachel has spent her entire adult life in the trenches with families.

Rachel uses a proprietary combination of practical and tactical tools alongside deeper trauma informed healing modalities, spiritual growth and a good dose of wisdom. Unlike traditional coaching models that rely on quick fixes to put out fires, Rachel helps you create life lasting change by showing you how to identify and address the root causes of draining relationships in your family.

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