EP 99 – How To Get Started With Financial Planning For Your Children with Jamie Madigan 

 November 14, 2022

By  amplifyou

As parents, we want all the best for our children, we want to prepare them for a successful future. So saving and investing even in their very young age is very important. How can we teach our kids about money? What are the benefits of getting started early with financial planning for our kids? How can we do that? Does it make sense to get insurance for our kids?

Joining us is Jamie Madigan, a licensed Certified Financial Planner and a legacy insights expert. He’s helping people build a solid financial security foundation and let them fully understand how their investments are performing. Today, Jamie talked about the 2 main reasons why we would want to get started early with financial planning. Well, it’s time to set our financial goals, and prepare our kids for their brighter future!

“The sooner we get started with money, and the more often that we top it up or add more money in, the better. We get the benefit of compounding. Our money earns interest and continues to grow. And the interest that we earn gets reinvested. So the sooner we get started with investing, the better because we’re giving the opportunity for money to grow, earn more and work harder for us.” – Jamie Madigan

About our Guest:

Jamie’s financial planning services are provided at no cost to his clients because he believes that Canadians shouldn’t have to pay to get ahead in life. Knowing that the need for financial literacy and financial planning is now greater than ever before, Jamie empowers each client to develop their own personalized Legacy Insights.

Your Legacy Insights will have three main components. First, Jamie gets your money working harder for you to achieve Monetary Proficiency, sharing his knowledge, and providing financial education. Next, he helps you get crystal clear on what you want your Personal Legacy Direction to be. You’ll also benefit from continued access to his extensive Legacy Support Network, strategically cultivated over more than two decades.

As a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), he has set himself up as a Broker, giving him access to just about any financial product from any financial services company across Canada. Through his advice-based services of investments, insurance, mortgages, health benefits, and group benefits, Jamie is thrilled to help multiple generations meet diverse and changing needs in alignment with their values and goals.

People in Jamie’s network know him as an educator, service provider and connector. Combining the consulting, referrals, and expert network in his Legacy Insights model with his wealth of knowledge, skills and lived experience, Jamie creates maximum value for professionals, entrepreneurs, and small to medium business owners.

When changes happen, you’ll be well prepared to make transitions easily. Jamie makes time to facilitate difficult conversations between you and your loved ones around your wishes for your eventual estate. He provides accountability and guidance, at all stages, making any adjustments as needed to reflect changes in the market and world.

Finding professional fulfillment by bringing value to people’s lives that truly makes a difference, Jamie appreciates working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and financial situations. The more people he can talk with, and connect to each other, the more value he can happily provide.

He is passionate about connecting with as many Canadians as possible, to serve his clients’ best interests, and empower Canadians on a greater scale to achieve their dreams, while protecting what matters most to you – your family, business, health, and wealth.

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