It’s difficult to ignore all that is going on in the news these days about how difficult things are going to be for everyone in 2009. People are losing their jobs, long time business are closing their doors forever, and money is tight. It as though the media would have us believe that 2009 will be the most dark and dismal year for families.

Not if I can help it.

You see, I was always taught that a person creates their own reality. I like to believe that despite some negative things going on in the world, that I still have the opportunity to create positives in my world. Let’s face it, there are always negative things going on in the world. There always has been. There has also been just as many (or more) positive things going on as well. But the media doesn’t report on that do they … of course not.

I believe that a person gets out of life what they put into life. If you are thinking thoughts of doom and gloom and not doing anything about it, then doom and gloom is exactly what you can expect to get in return. However, if you think about positively about the things you want to achieve this year and act on them accordingly, then you are destined for great things to come in 2009.

What do you want most for your family this year? How do you want your relationship with your husband or wife to be this year? What do you want for yourself?

Are these even questions that you ask yourself?

In order for things to change, we ourselves must change. If 2008 was a difficult year, then ask yourself what you would change and then do something positive to change it. Even if it seems far fetched or impossible, do it any. Get some help if you need help. There is no shame in asking for support when you need it. Take a course, get counseling, hire a parenting coach, whatever it takes to make change happen the way you want it to happen.

So, will 2009 be a year of great success or a year of doom and gloom?

Only YOU can decide that for yourself.

All the best for your family,

Charles Murray.

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