20 Tips For a Blissful Parenting Experience

Being a parent is not an easy job.


Anyone who tells you otherwise either does not have kids of their own or is not really parenting.  In order to teach kids how to be successful in life, there are times where there will be conflict, disagreement, and chaos.

It is important NOT to interpret the frustrations of parenting as being a bad parent, rather realize that this is a normal part of teaching children how to become part of society.

Having said that, there are some things that set “blissful” parents apart from ones living in total frustration.




Here are some suggestions to make your parenting
more of a blissful experience:


The Blissful Parent …

  1. Knows that they cannot change their children and can only change themselves.
  2. Works on improving themselves before working on improving their children.
  3. Listens to what their children are saying with out judgment.
  4. Spends the minimum amount of time working and the maximum amount of time with their children and spouse.
  5. Does not blame their kids or others for their problems.
  6. Spends quality time with their spouse on a regular basis and strives to improve the relationship constantly.
  7. Is aware of how their reactions affect their children and chooses their reactions wisely.
  8. Takes responsibility for their own actions and outcomes and is constantly improving and learning from mistakes.
  9. Takes an interest in their child’s activities and gets involved when possible.
  10. Helps their children succeed in school and takes an active interest in their schoolwork.
  11. Strives to understand their child BEFORE being understood.
  12. Does whatever is necessary to boost the self esteem and confidence of their child.
  13. Give adequate praise and recognition to their child for any achievement, big or small.
  14. Does not ridicule or talk down to a child.
  15. Knows that a child must make mistakes in order to learn and solve problems.
  16. Chooses disciplinary actions wisely as to avoid damaging the self esteem of their child.
  17. Takes courses, reads books, and gets 3rd party help when needed to constantly improve themselves as a parent.
  18. Surrounds themselves with other “blissful” parents.
  19. Knows when to put work away and spend some 100% focused time with the kids.
  20. Helps other parents to become “blissful” parents.

Becoming a blissful parent is not an overnight event but rather a continual practice of self improvement.  If we spend more time improving ourselves instead of trying to FIX our kids, we are leading by example and your children (who are always watching even when  you think they aren’t) will follow.

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