There’s a lot of judgement when kids have behavioral problems. We can’t always expect kids to respond in a senseful way. Most of the time, a kid’s initial reaction is crying, freaking out, or panicking,

EP 118 – Three Ultimate Strategies to Calm the Stress Storm in Your Home with Dr. Anne Katona Linn

Death is one of the big taboo things people never like to talk about, on the contrary, it is something that we SHOULD be talking about! We’re not here forever. Just like how we should

EP 117 – Peace of Mind Blueprint with Susan Brown

Every parent grew up in a different family culture. We have different opinions and values on how we will raise our kids. Our parenting style may differ from our spouse. So, how can parents with

EP 116 – How Parents With Different Cultures And Values Can Learn To Work Together with Figs O’Sullivan

A lot of kids felt like they were being silenced and they’re unheard – making them feel unimportant. These are just some of the reasons why parents are struggling about getting their kids to talk

EP 115 – Getting Your Kids To Talk To You with Jackie Bailey

Are you grieving over the death of your child? No parent in this world is prepared for their child’s death. They never expect to outlive their children. They’re looking forward to those days when their

EP 114 – Help for Grieving Parents and Children with Angela Alexander