What we forget as parents is that building friendship skills is like any other skill, we have to teach it and support it. Just like learning math, learning friendship skills is a crucial part of

EP 62- Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Thriving Kids with Audrey Monke

Screens are here to stay, so families need the tools and knowledge to integrate them most safely into their lives. Screen time isn’t all or nothing and Dr. Jim has some wonderful insights on how

EP 61- The Truth About Regulating Screen Time with Dr. Jim Taylor

While we are all ready to “return to normal” parenting coach Cori Stern is finding that many of her clients have new problems with their children that were never there before. Even if their children

EP 60- Unexpected Ways Stress Impacts Children with Cori Stern

Parents who grew up with strong authoritarian parents often swing too far the other way and go all in on attachment parenting. But all love all the time has its own problems, mainly a lack

EP 59- Have You Taken Attachment Parenting Too Far? With Erin Taylor

The interesting thing about kids that don’t follow the developmental schedule exactly, is that they are often only behind in some things and far ahead in others. It’s time to celebrate the strengths and stress

EP 58- Differently-Wired Kids Are Not Broken with Debbie Reber