Are board games too old to play? Board games are not just for post-thanksgiving, reunions or just for occasions, it is a game for families to play. Why is it important to take back board

EP 123 – Bringing Board Games Back To Family Time with Steven Lentz

We often see our kids with these devices in front of their faces all the time. We are worried that they might lose interest in a lot of other important things because of this. Parents,

EP 122 – Krushing It In Youth Leadership with Kathy Farley

Bullying is very rampant in our society. Unfortunately, it has been part of schools for many years. Getting our kids bullied is something that we are really worried about. We all know its danger –

EP 121 – Bullying Stops Here with Suzanne Jean

There’s a lot of things going on with the lives of our teenagers – physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. This is a crucial time to have a conversation with them, and know what’s going on

EP 120 – Courageous Conversations with Elizabeth Bennett

Parents who have children with special needs, oftentimes don’t know where to go when they need support. Where can parents of children with special needs find support for their child and for themselves? Why is

EP 119 – Parents Make the Best Advocates with Dr. Rolanda Fabien