As women we think a certain way and it can be difficult to understand where our boys are coming from. If you are a mother or a teacher listen to today’s interview to get a

EP 55- Women Raising & Communicating With Boys with Janet Allison

What none of the parenting books tell us is that there is over forty years of research into what makes kids grow into resilient and happy people. Dr. Borba has crystallized it into seven key

EP 54- Seven Mental Health Qualities For Resilient Kids with Dr. Michele Borba

If your child is struggling with identity issues (and possibly LGBTQ+) you may be wondering what to do and say. How do you let them know that it’s okay to come out and you are

EP 53- Is Your Child Trying To Come Out As LGBTQIA+? with Annie Henderson

We think if we don’t push our kids that they won’t grow up, but the reverse is true. When we try to push them into being what we want we get resistance and make parenting

EP 52 – When To Push Your Kids—And When Not To! with Linda Clements

Johanna has a message for you: no kid needs a perfect parent. The truth is we are human and so are our kids. It’s always going to be at least a little bit imperfect. And

EP 51- Is Being A Perfect Parent Hurting Your Kids?with Johanna Derbolowsky